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Capsugel is a company that manufactures and sells two-piece hard gelatin drug capsules. In 2011, Capsugel was described as "the world's largest maker of hard capsules". Capsugel also sells equipment for filling empty and liquid capsules, as well as equipment for sealing liquid capsules.

"Management sucks." says a Capsugel former employee on Indeed on February 18, 2016:

"Management sucks. Doesn't care about employees, just profit. All about is a buddy system. Bottom line they are not organized in what they perceived to do."


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Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Search Bend Research to see the old review title "good if you're a guy" for some background. HR recently told released a stat they report to a state agency about female employment. Apparently we used to be over half female and now we're less than a third. A recent female interviewee asked why there were no women interviewing her."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Xcelience/Capsugel (Tampa) can be summed up quite simply: absolute refusal to change and grow. They hire people with years of experience but mindlessly continue to do things the way they have been done since the company’s inception. If management would step up and say that it is time to make this the premier CDMO in the area, they could do it in a flash. They hire people with the knowledge and experience to bring their ideas to the table, and the willingness to work hard to see those ideas implemented. However, the company is too scared to step away from the norm and work smarter instead of harder. If this isn’t frustrating enough, you are made to feel stupid for thinking that something could possibly be done better than the way they do it now. Anything you know from working somewhere else is excused and repressed to the point that you feel like what thought you knew was wrong. It messes with your head and is completely unhealthy. There are times when you are expected to stay late and work weekends without any compensation. I don’t even mind doing that to help get out of a hole, but management has an outright aversion to making things more efficient. If you are going to be expected to give up your free time without any reward, you would at least think that they could try to help alleviate the issues by updating archaic systems. There are people who have been working there for several years who have a significantly lower salary than the people they are hiring in with less experience. They have no plan to retain their current employees, so you may be able to get a decent pay coming in but I guarantee that is where you will stay for the duration of your employment there. Promotion from within is extremely rare, and when they do, hiring decisions are made solely based on requested pay. Any experience you have is irrelevant; it is completely dead end. The company is constantly changing hands so there is no stability. Morale is extremely low and management continues to make decisions that put more pressure on the employees and make them feel less appreciated. New employees coming in are treated as though they were the best out there and finally found their home, while no respect, thanks, or praise is given to employees who have been working hard there for years. This may sound like a harsh review, but I have never felt so strongly about an employer. My experience there wasn’t even that terrible, but the problems there are huge. Problems can be overcome, if you are willing to make changes and grow as a company. That unwillingness is completely inexcusable in my opinion, and the reason that I felt it necessary to excuse myself from the situation."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Since taking over Capsugel has created a hostile atmosphere, they have forced out most of the more experienced people. They have allowed employees to be bullied and talked down to by management. Most employees here are just trying to get out"

Former Employee - Marketing Specialist says

"Horrible and demotivating leadership in certain functions in patrticular marketing"

Current Employee - Analytical Chemist says

"Long hours. No future."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Many pleasant work colleagues have to be balanced by significantly independent minder back stabbers. Shame since this ruins what could be a great company culture. Comes from the top."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Company is owned by private equity firm with focus on generating profit at all costs. This led to significant price increases and customers were very unhappy leading to customer loss. It became a mad house with finger pointing and leadership trying to find a scapegoat."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Favoritism, lack of care from management, overwork that lead to mandatory 7 days for weeks at a time"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Will not listen to lower management. Will not discuss actions suggested by others. It's their way or the highway ."

Former Employee - Logistician says

"The primary owner did not care about individuals, only profits so they could sell us. Political environment on job site treated many unfairly. Kiss up and be considered INVALUABLE. Incompetent people promoted over merited individuals."

Territory Sales Manager (Current Employee) says

"Management sucks. Dosent care about employees just profit. All about a buddy system. Bottomline they are not organized in what they perceived to doWork environmentEverthing. Low pay. No advance."

Inventory Control Clerk (Current Employee) says

"I was never allowed any opportunity to advance, management is deceitful and dishonest. Its seems advancement is based upon the buddy system. None of our complaints as emplyees are considered they simply advise you to "Do what you need to do" with no regards to your complaintseverything"

Changeover Technician (Former Employee) says

"The place was like a zoo if management made a mistake towards you. Their attitude was ok so don’t like it find another job. Pay scale was structured in a way where lower paid jobs would be making more than the better positions for 5years. They are under staff and just expect to much from one person!It was a jobSuper stressful environment"

Director (Former Employee) says

"Change from an employee driven culture to one with very little focus on creating opportunities to only being bottom line focused. Site leadership exited the company upon completion of the sale and the void was filled with associates that were not qualified for the position and no leader capabilities. Roles were filled based on "good old boy" culture and friends."

Associate Project Manager (Former Employee) says

"The typical day included client target meetings, creating the necessary documentation such as project maps, technical specifications, etc, vendor information calls, sourcing required materials/components."

Project Management (Former Employee) says

"Go somewhere else. The culture could be better, it is stressful and everything is put off until the very last second which causes everyone to rush. Clients make unreasonable demands on a daily basis and we just got bought out...again. Corporate feel now for sure.Free coffee and raw bagels.Stress"

Breakdown Mechanic (Former Employee) says

"I learned alot from working with the company. I gained alot of knoledge and know how from them. Great money and gratpeople to be around"

Relief Operator (Former Employee) says

"Process was somewhat uncontrolled in some departments .the company has been sold twice since I left..there's no re8 to write more about this company since it is under new managementMake a lot of money working overtime but, thing have changed since i worked there.Thing have changed since i worked there"

QA/Finishing (Former Employee) says

"Employment here will give you the insight needed to learn the manufatoring of pharmaceuticals. Some days are long but the people employed here can turn a bad day into a great learning experience.Health benifits12 shifts"


"Job is ok day to day. Management tends to be partial towards certain employees over others. Very face paced environment. Hardest part of job is working with different personalitiesGood pay benefitsToo strict on breaks"

Pharmaceutical Business Development (Former Employee) says

"Capsugel was recently (2011) purchased by a private equity firm known as "KKR" (Serta, Nabisco, Toy r' Us). Lack of experience in the pharmaceutical work place has caused some questionable management changes. My position was eliminated due to one of those changes. The focus is on generating revenue, not bringing new medicines to market.Good benefits packageNo regard for the work force. A "robot" style of management"

Mold Bar Operator (Current Employee) says

"never a stable owner of the company and every time you turn around they are cutting positions here and there all to save a dollar for who ever owns the company at the timethe wages, benifitsnever feeling stable"

Senior Financial Analyst/Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Capsugel was a great place to work but since Pfizer sold them they are not so great any more. It is all about the bottom line now unfortunately."

Senior Computer Analyst (Former Employee) says

"A large variety of technology platforms to support. Many in-house custom applications that were very finicky to work. Learned how to multi-task better while working on production sensitive systems."

MECHANIC (Former Employee) says

"My experience at Capsugel was both good and bad as is with most jobs. The job itself was great! I learned a lot and had a chance to further develop my skills as a mechanic. The upper management at Capsugel was considered a problem for most colleagues. Colleagues were often judged on their attitudes, racial and economic backgrounds instead of the quality of their work. Management routinely used personal feelings to decide a lot of matters in the work place."

microbiologist (Current Employee) says

"Very successful company with many global locations. High intensity work environment and stressful job, but compensated in salary/pay. Heavy work load but there are many opportunities that will come available for you to be successful and grown in your career. Though you may not be recognized for all your accomplishments, you will have great resume boosters and experiences that will enable you to broaden your horizon."

Internship for purchasing department (Former Employee) says

"a typical day at work is performing task given by mentori've learn to stay focus, make sure my work is accurately done and finish in timely matterno managementcoworkers were hard workers, outgoing and enjoyable to work withthere was no hard part about the job.the enjoyable part is the meeting the co workers and learning self efficiencyvariety of duties i learned to doit only lasted during the school year"

Gel Prep loader/assistant (Former Employee) says

"My experience here as a temporary worker was ok. The people that I worked with were great. The work environment was also ok (a bit hot in some places sometimes though). The hours were solid and there was no mandatory overtime, although it was offered. The difficulty of the work they had me do as a temp varied depending on where I was but opportunities for permanent employment were there.Work environment, Solid hoursThe seniority hiring system, Everytime you apply for a position you get beat out by someone else that worked there longer."

Quality Management Associate (Former Employee) says

"Provided a good life for my children and I. Over the years with several changes in ownership, things have changed. Not the place it use to be. Management is not the best.Wages are goodDidn't like 12 hours"